"Rakhe hamesha khayal aapka" taking cares of their customer because health is first priority to us and also during this pandemic (COVID)-19 situation we all are taking serious attention on our Vegetable & Fruits product due this corona is going on all over the world & this so serious matter in all over the world & this Corona Virus is invisible in nature & fast spreadable every due to viral infection so because of this reason our team is working our product very clearly so we clean our products like fruits & vegetables with Veggie clean

Veggie clean is the liquid that veggie clean kills germs & bacteria of corona virus and make product fully germ free and also over all sanitized the product.

Merakiraanaa team is safe fully packing the product and also sanitized the product before packing & sanitized the worker is sanitized themselves before touching the product wearing masks & Hand-gloves. #coronavirus #COVID19 #foodsafety

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Health & Safety Rules

we are using paper bags instead of plastic bags because paper bag is eco-friendly for nature.

Delivery will be delivered within 24 hr's because customer satisfaction our first moto.

Health is very important for us so we keep health concept first.We provides all healthy products to the customer & keep track on hygiene & also providing fresh & pure fruits & vegetables with proper cleaning process.Our first concern is to give good quality of product & satisfactory services.

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